Dust Palace
Brand Identity Design

A premium drum sample label, working with the industry’s most talented drummers and producers.

Dust Palace / Paul GreenDust Palace / Paul GreenDust Palace / Paul Green


Audio samples are viewed as a commodity. In many cases, competitor branding reflects this, with garish artwork fighting for the attention of customers scrolling through online marketplaces.

Drum sample library competitor marketplace (Loopmasters)

Dust Palace are differentiating themselves through high-quality products, unusual sounds, and by building a unique and trusted brand.

The curious moniker describes the polished finish of the final product (‘Palace’) contrasted with the edgy, stylistic vibe (‘Dust’).

The client wanted to be perceived unlike a drum sample label and more like an indie record label. To steer clear of clichés we decided to avoid symbolism in the logo—no drums or audio references.


The geometric icon design has an architectural quality, with deliberate proportions and thick strokes. This suggests strength and permanence—lending weight to a new brand. The form is recognisable without being naturalistic. Enclosed in a box, it becomes an abstract marque.

Used alone, without any accompanying type, the symbol is an understated means of identification.

Dust Palace icon
Dust Palace icon

Colour Palette

A monochrome palette was discussed with the client in the original brief. This off-black and off-white combination is more comfortable to read, especially on screen, than the highest contrast digital black and digital white.

Dust Palace colour palette


Set in all caps and a heavy weight, the wordmark is strong and confident. Comparable to a fashion-house, the type is unpretentiously utilitarian yet refined; simple, but with enough personality to be distinctive.

The typeface is a slightly modified version of ‘Stadt’ by Michael Cina / Public Type.

Dust Palace wordmark

Combination Mark

The combination mark uses a stacked wordmark. However, the combination is to be used rarely, due to the double reading of the palace icon and the word palace.

Dust Palace combination mark


Extensive use of black and white medium-format film photography* provides a characteristic look for the brand imagery. The natural grain produced visualises the idiosyncratic nature of the vintage analogue audio equipment utilised in the production of Dust Palace’s samples and loops.

* Photography examples, essential to the overall aesthetic of the brand identity, will be shared here once released by the client (early 2021). Photo below shot on DSLR.

Dust Palace


Neue Haas Unica was chosen as the default typeface, designed by Toshi Omagari and based on the original ‘Unica.’ It falls somewhere between the ubiquitous Univers and Helvetica—the latter having slightly wider letterforms than Unica.

Set in regular weight and sentence case it contrasts pleasingly with the heavy weight, all-caps wordmark and compliments the restrained typographic style of the whole identity—as demonstrated in the following applications.

Dust Palace tee
Dust Palace pin
Dust Palace mug

Artwork concept

Dust Palace artwork
Dust Palace artwork
Dust Palace artwork

Sample pack artwork

Dust Palace artwork
Dust Palace artwork
Dust Palace artwork

"Matt didn’t just take my ideas and deliver them back to me, he listened, refined, honed and delivered a brand that communicated my values far better than I could have imagined."

"His process of understanding me and my business was detailed and meticulous, as were the branding assets that were delivered upon completion of the project. I’m beyond happy with the results."

Joe Clegg, Founder

Joe Clegg
Dust Palace


Client: Dust Palace
Photography: Paul Green
Video (DP000 Trailer): Joe Clegg

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