Six Connections

Brand Strategy, Identity Design, Campaign, Copywriting, Packaging

Six Connections uses retail products to encourage purposeful conversations on mental health.

The client had the name and the idea to put QR codes on food retail products which directed the customer to an app or website containing mental health resources. Together we developed the whole brand world from values to strategy to identity to packaging and campaigns.

symbol on boxsymbol animation
Six Connections symbol geometry
Six Connections
Six Connections

The two regular shapes which comprise the symbol are used as graphic elements and the tessellated pattern expresses the 6 x 6 x 6… multiplication effect—the mission to start a movement.

Six Connections
Six Connections

The copywriting reflects the down-to-earth personality of the brand. Six Connections takes on the persona of the ‘mate’ who is looking to help their friend.

Six Connections
T-shirt: Powered by matesT-shirt: Flipping the focus
Six Connections beer
Six Connections Instagram
Six Connections biscuits

"We knew right away that Matt absolutely ‘got’ what we were trying to do. He guided us through the brand creation process with a calm, confident energy that allowed us just the right amount of involvement as clients; not so much that we lost the brand essence and not so little that we lost our passion for the project."

"The result is a stunning, approachable brand that we are incredibly proud to share with the world, and we look forward to working with Matt going forwards as we develop and grow Six Connections."

Sarah Lynas, Co-Founder

Six Connections
Six Connections Choc Chip Cookies packaging

Watch me walk through the identity design portion in the video below.

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